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I’ve had a website off and on since 1996 (#old). Not having one feels akin to not having a reliable mode of transportation. This is a bit silly since I’ve had this website for several years now but I haven’t really used it. I think my hesitancy to do anything here stems a bit from how much the Internet has changed. The classic internet was a place where you could say whatever you wanted in any sort of random way. You had to know how to code, but you didn’t have to follow any rules to do it – tables, tables everywhere! It was like having a digital zine. Whatever you imagined was the topic of the day. Video games one day, soap operas the next.

And sure, there were trolls. But the relative complexity of going online kept many jerks away. Now, a troll might be your cousin or coworker. Combined with the fear of saying something wrong and being attacked from all-sides. Well… why the heck am I here?? See, I freaked myself out with my own blog.

Plus, everything feels like it needs to be “curated.” I’m a curator 5 days a week, I don’t really want to do that on my web page either!

But one day in my last semester of school, a classmate in the hyperlinked library asked me, “so, what?” Write what you want, she said. If it’s not a job, don’t make it one. Write for yourself.

So, what indeed! *slaps forehead*

So, I’mma try that out for version 3.0 of 93chapters. We’ll see how it goes. 🙂 Along the way, perhaps I’ll figure out how what I want to say and how.


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