Books are for use.
Every reader his / her book.
Every book its reader.
Save the time of the reader.
The library is a growing organism.

5 Laws of Library Science

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Two months into library school and my eyes are still full of stars and wonder. Maybe that will fade, maybe it won’t. But one thing that has inspired me these past two months are the 5 Laws of Library Science proposed by S. R. Ranganathan in 1931.

Freedom to Read

The Freedom to Read

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As I’ve been thinking about going back to school (again), it has been important for me to think about WHY. When it comes down to it, the main reason that I am willingly signing up for two to three more years of insanity is because I believe in the freedom to read. Access to information… Read More

bookjournals book

5 Gift Ideas for the Cranky Writer in Your Life

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Writers are often moody and suffer from bouts of self-loathing. We like big words and argue about people who don’t exist. We have the tendency to spend months, or years, working on something only to burn it in a passionate fit (see above: self-loathing). We speak in quotes that may or may not be from… Read More

writers are cannibals

Writers and Fava Beans

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People who don’t write may think our notebooks are filled with outlines for one or two stories. In reality, in addition to those outlines we also have snippets of conversations, interesting words, descriptions of places and smells, or lists of names. The world’s verbal trash is a writer’s buffet. You might not remember saying something,… Read More

no inhaler for you

Talking and Breathing

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Here’s my own random thought on Eric Garner and not being able to breathe. In school I wasn’t allowed to carry my inhaler with me because of whatever dumb reason the school thought/decreed. My PE teacher and I didn’t get along and she forced me to run in a relay race without my inhaler. I… Read More

I want to sleep but I'm too tired

Living With a Sling

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This August I had shoulder surgery. My surgeon, while brilliant, is not a people person. He didn’t give me much advice on how to deal with my sling in the first couple of weeks after surgery. And I’m too much of a shy weirdo to call his staff for advice. Well, I ended up learning… Read More


Baileys Irish Coffee Cupcakes

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This is supposed to be a blog about writing, but in June 2013 I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Fun! Since then, my writing has been in a serious slump and most of my Internet time is spent looking for gluten free recipes.These cupcakes were so yummy that several people (GF and non-GF) have asked for the… Read More

Anne Hathaway

Interstellar and the Feminine Woo

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I really enjoyed Interstellar. The score was beautiful and the special effects were seamless. It explored a lot of science fiction tropes that people complain about not seeing in the new Star Trek movies. It is obviously inspired by 2001: A Space Odyssey and has a general Arthur C. Clarke feel that even hints at… Read More

cover of oryx and crake

Broken Worlds of Dystopian Science Fiction

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I’m still having nightmares about The Road by Cormac McCarthy and the Oryx and Crake trilogy by Margaret Atwood. I had to read the Secret Garden as a sort of palate cleanser. So when I heard about Neal Stephenson’s call to stop being so damn cynical, I agreed with him. When did Science Fiction become so rough… Read More

Your Arms in the air stir a sea of stars

Don’t You Falter (Golden Age)

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It has been a long and difficult year and a half. I don’t know where to start, so I’ll just share some song lyrics that have been in my mind.